About Us

SOUL benefits teenage girls by replacing prejudice and discrimination with unconditional love and respect. We do this through fun and positive programmes that provide opportunities to build confidence and strength.


SOUL’s Vision

SOUL enables girls to find the power to be themselves, blending both face-to-face and online relationships. SOUL gives girls the tools and confidence to create a more meaningful life through its programmes and encourages girls to change perceptions and make people rethink and dissolve their unconscious prejudices, especially towards girls. Read more about our vision here.


SOUL’s Genesis

SOUL was founded by Julie Bartlett MNZM who was successful in reducing prejudice towards young people with disabilities through award-winning charity StarJam, which she also founded. Building on these successes, Julie is dedicated to ‘setting girls free’ through programmes designed to ditch discrimination and prejudice. Meet the rest of our SOUL team.

SOUL programmes 2018

SOUL’s 2020 Programmes

Contact us about joining a SOULsquad in 2020! Groups of teenage girls will meet regularly in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Nelson igniting their confidence, reliance and strength as they work towards exciting events. In 2019 they did a Friendmob for Christchurch at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch airports. And in 2018, they expressed SOUL’s key themes in ‘The Voice Of Our SOUL‘. Watch the video below…


SOUL recently held a Friendmob for Christchurch event in support of Christchurch following the events of March 15, at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch airports. Watch highlights in the video..


“Replacing prejudice and discrimination with empowerment and respect for girls – what more could you want. I support SOUL and what it stands for.”

Miriama Kamo

Lady Raewyn Henry is Patron of SOUL and on SOUL’s Advisory Group, supporting SOUL’s vision.

Lady Raewyn Henry

“We must be brave in the pursuit of an exceptional life. I love SOUL’s message and the potential it has to support young women to greatness.”

Claudia Batten


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For as little as $80 you can play a major part in opening the door for a girl’s new life.
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