About SOUL

SOUL is a charitable trust dedicated to replacing prejudice and discrimination with unconditional love and respect, especially towards girls and young women. Our empowering programmes invite girls from all walks of life to meet regularly on and offline. With the guidance of mentors they build their circle of trust and friendship while learning skills and tools that give them confidence, resilience and safety

The girls, if they wish, can also take part in SOUL’s media productions and promotions. The focus is on creating upbeat, humorous videos and campaigns to change conscious and unconscious prejudices that influence prejudicial biases and discriminatory behaviour. Using popular social platforms and a variety of multi-media, SOUL tells encouraging, thought-provoking stories that make people think, and laugh, sometimes even at themselves.

We currently run SOULsquads based in schools.

SOULsquads are perfect for girls who want to speak their truth and create change through positivity. SOUL supports each squad in creating performance items that give them ‘their voice’. SOULsquad members support SOUL’s vision by reaching out to other girls at their schools they might never normally cross paths with expanding their core SOULsquad to a SUPERsquad.

The Voice Of Our SOUL is the culmination of the SOULsquad programmes.   It is an annual event open to the public to attend.

SOUL’s Executive Director, Julie Bartlett founded the award-winning charity, StarJam. For this organisation, she created an attitude-changing model which reduced discrimination and prejudice towards children with disabilities. Using this model and building on its success, Julie and her SOUL team will reduce discrimination and prejudice towards girls and young women worldwide.

SOUL is a registered charitable trust number CC51559. All donations greater than $5 made to SOUL are tax deductible.



Patron: Lady Raewyn Henry

SOUL’s patron, Lady Raewyn Henry, has come into close contact with hundreds of girls from dozens of countries through her extensive career in teaching, coaching and selecting netball teams in New Zealand and worldwide.

She has worked under the radar to personally support girls from challenging backgrounds and become involved with many charities during her career. Many young women have benefitted from her support and example. We are very pleased and privileged that she accepted our request to become the Patron of SOUL.




Founder & Executive Director: Julie Bartlett

Julie has dedicated the last two decades of her life to changing the world and enriching peoples’ lives. She is perhaps best known for transforming the lives of thousands of young people with disabilities and their families, through StarJam, the organisation she founded and led for 12 years. Julie has been recognized widely for her twenty years of charitable work. Amongst accolades received in a variety of award programmes, she was named Supreme Winner, NEXT Woman of the Year in 2012 and appointed a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2013. Building on her successful track record and the social change models she has created, Julie is excited to be unleashing SOUL.




Lynette Houghton - Treasurer
Maya Mitchell
Saraid Black