SOUL provides teenage girls the opportunity to become a member of a group that is passionate about equality in our world. SOULsistas accept others with unconditional love and share positive, thought provoking messages that redefines our acceptance of others.

slider2cDespite legislation, quotas, political correctness and a lot of airtime, there is still discrimination towards girls and young women in all kinds of ways. And girls who are ‘different’ don’t get the opportunities in life as ‘regular’ Kiwi girls do, especially migrants and refugees.

Ask any girl if she suffers because of prejudice and discrimination. Most will not admit it. She will say something like. “ Ah, I don’t. but my friends do”. Prejudice and discrimination can be subtle and undoubtedly is a cause of family violence, suicide, poverty and crime.

It’s a tough nut to crack. That’s why SOUL is taking a completely different approach; an exclusively positive one. SOUL’s programmes (SOUL Circles) and videos will empower girls to break free of the constraints placed upon them by others and themselves.

SOUL’s work is exclusively positive and non-confrontational. There will be no demonstrations, no activism, no advocacy – just humour, fun and love.

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Thank you to Fiona Quinn for her professional photography as seen on our website - she's helped bring our vision to life in images!